A celebration for every occasion

There are many other occasions in life that a Celebrant can help you with. I’ve added a couple here but if there are any other events that you feel would be enriched by a Celebrant led service, please do get in touch and together we can make it happen!

Other Celebrations

Baby Naming

A baby naming ceremony is an alternative to a religious service such as a Christening and is about welcoming a new child into your family. This could be a new-born, toddlers, older children or an adopted child. The ceremony will be uniquely tailored to your wishes and is truly flexible in regards to time and venue. Let’s welcome those little ones together!

Pet Funerals

Pets are part of the family and people feel the same level of grief over their passing as they do their loved ones. Having a funeral or a memorial for your beloved pet can help with the feelings of grief and help you experience peace at their passing. You choose where your pet will rest and together we can design and write a service that is personal to you.