Together we can make your day extra special

Your Wedding Day will be one of the most special days in your life and I will help you ensure that you have a truly personal and memorable experience, offering you complete flexibility with your celebration to ensure that it is the day of your dreams.


I can also help you if you are looking to renew your wedding vows.

Your Wedding - Your Way

When you think about the vows you will make to each other, do you know what you would really like to say rather than fixed words in a conventional service? You and I will work together to ensure that you make your vows and promises from the heart and together we will write a ceremony, telling your love story in a way that suits you and is as unique as you are.

The choice of venue will be yours. With a wedding celebration there are no legal restrictions, you could choose from a fairy-tale castle to your own garden!

If you are renewing your wedding vows, you can chose to do things your way, to make the vows and promises that are relevant to you personally as a couple.

You have total flexibility on the how, the when and the where! 



I will commit myself solely to you for the day of your celebration and I guarantee that your's will be the only service on that day. There will be no time restrictions, the day is totally yours. 

Please note, currently, Celebrant led wedding ceremonies are not legally binding, so in line with English law, you will need to register your marriage with a Registrar in an approved venue prior to holding your bespoke wedding celebration.  The full details are in the website here at

Other ceremonies to compliment your day

I will be with you all the way and offer inspiration for your ceremony, such as enhancing the day with additional mini ceremonies to add those extra special moments.

Hand Fasting

Hundred of years ago this ceremony of tying the hands with cords was seen as an engagement to be married. Today, this ceremony is used symbolically by couples as a sign of unity; literally “tying the knot”. 

The colours used in the cords can either reflect the colour theme of the wedding or be chosen for the spiritual meaning of individual colours. 

Together we can discuss how this mini ceremony could fit within your celebration.

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony can beautifully symbolize two families coming together as one with the pouring of coloured sands from separate containers into one chosen glass vessel. 

It is an excellent way to include children from previous relationships into one blended family. 

I can help you plan this lovely mini ceremony into your wedding or vow renewal service.

If you would like a different mini ceremony, here are a few suggestions, but I am always happy to help you with your choice of ceremony to make your day extra special.

  • Chocolate
  • Candle Lighting
  • Cocktail Mixing
  • Cup
  • Tree Planting
  • Book Gifting